Welcome to irony-maiden, where Life imitates Art

Gillian Anderson collects giant beetles

#Mandela, the Man who turned into a Film #SadCoincidence

Scarlett Johansson forms girl band 'The One and Only Singles'

Anne's Frank Diary

House of Flying Cars

Cyprus leaves Euro, joins Bitcoins !

Friends of The Earth or Lonely Planet ?

Tesco buys Giraffe ...not what you think

All the single Ladies ...

Bin Laden Group to build World's tallest Skyscraper

Ketchup on table at Buffet

Shakira and Gerard Pique announce new son's name

Following a ten year break from recording, David Bowie releases new Single, with Album to follow

Yoko and GagaPapa

Your Kindle's on Fire !

NatP Wedding details !

Debt Crisis: Greece is Deferred

Guns don't kill people
P Middy does

lowercase CAPITAL

Murdochs' humble pie

Snoop Dogg

George Galloway's Chumbawumba moment

Moon rocks Roxy !

Houston, you have a problem...

Heart of Midlothian

Socratic Irony

Coffee 'a risk' to pregnant women

Starbucks Plans to Create 5,000 Jobs in U.K. Coffee Expansion

Astraeus Airlines

Observe The Silence;
and forget.

What have Hugh Grant and Justin Bieber been up to?

Increasing fear of Cyber attack

I need to get a New Jersey !

Coldplay's next album to be 'My Axolotl'

You cannot stop God and mammon

God, Mammon and Bicycles

The Man with the Golden Gun

Stone Steps

Fox News

Harper Seven visits her cousin: Beverly Hills 90210

Camden Square stolen
Go to jail, do not collect �200.

Wading through Brooks

Do all hackers come from Wickford?

Greece facing Spartan future

Killing me softly...

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Attack of the Killer Cucumbers

Black Man cooks burgers, plus �a change...

Is Lady Gaga Lady Boy?

Boy? band Westlife to perform for Queen

Rome evacuated earthquake in Spain

Then Mount Etna erupted

Kiss me Kate!

Everyone's a Winner

Scouting For Girls: News

Scouting For Girls: Band

Salvation Army accused of Saviour Battling

No more Big Budget films, Miss Taylor

CLOWNdestine Operations

Revealation 13:17

Bigotcaller calls kettle ..., but not on mobile

Dyslexic Jamie Oliver applies to be No 10 Chef

Dave's Mouthpiece

Return of Balls

Rain ebbs = Brisbane

The Man Who Played With Explosives

Hurricane Alex ( that's not Higgins ) produces Mexican Wave ( that's not a tsunami )

Big Bang II:
Rebooting The Economy

Prince Charles unhappy about Chelsea development

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink

All roads lead to Rome,
Rome is a ruin,
Therefore: All roads lead to Ruin

Dance with the frenemy

(Ooooh) I love you, you pay my rent

Fire the Quango

Stones in Exile

if it ain't broke
bankrupt it!

Miliband of Brothers

Pledges exchanged:
Measure for Measure

Love's Labour's Lost

The Comedy of Terrors - again

Much Ado About Nothing

Vote Idiot, get Idiot

Pelican Grief

Whatever You Say I Am That's What I'm Not

We have a
Poker Face

If people stop flying
The Terrorists have won

I've Got Soul,
But I'm Not A Soldier

Ashes 2 Crashes

Sean Penn Welcomes Shakira To Haiti

Easter Eggs Benedict

Serial Killer Whale

Rage Against The Machine of Government

Don't have an argument with a Software Engineer !

Don't have an argument with a Web Designer !

A-Tone-meant? (NOT!)

Cadbury's and Kraft give me migraine

Style; anti-Barbies

Give Peace Prizes a chance

Climate Advisers agree Third runway at Heathrow

Climate Change needs Oxygen of Publicity

BBC Talentban

Jilted Janes

The Last Post

Harry Potter and the Gas Chamber of ( Deniable ) Secrets

I needed money cause I had none
I fought the law and the law won

Stars dancing in Heaven

If Pixie Lott formed a band with Little Boots would they be called Pixie Boots, or Little Lott?

Name any progressive companies with a Black spokesperson

East Anglia = Agile Satan

Peter Pan dies

Fire at Fire Service College

Peter Andre & Jordan split

Cole, you're fired!

Dig for victory

Greater transparency in Government

Sister of Mercy?

Stone Roses won't, but Spandau Ballet will

Iron Maiden wins Brit Award!

One moment in time
when I'm racing with destiny

The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.

are we human or are we dancer

The Killers

Killers outsell Guns...

John Sargeant: I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Scissor Sisters

From Boulder to Little Rock, a Landslide

Murder a prostitute while driving a truck, listening to Russell Brand on Radio 2 on Saturday night at 9 pm

Chris Mole

(Without an) Iota of Malice

Bring me the Head of Radio 2

Sachs, Lies and Audiotape

Every little thing that you say or do
I'm fed up, I'm tired of waiting on you

Bjorn strikes again

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Osborne Looks Back in Anger

Another one bites the dust
Seven years ago, almost to the day, Lehmans was in the eye of the Sept 11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Rock star flew me home!

Amityville II,
The Reposession

Am I bovvered, Tony!

Man City! Victoria!

Hillary models Guantanamo rehab outfit

Home Office loses Gary Glitter

Bring me the Head of Light Entertainment

Who stole my guitar?

Entering The Oval Orifice

Obama Girl and McCain Girl

The Original, and sadly, still The Best

Put a gun against her head,
Pulled my trigger, now shes dead

Kay Burley

Death to Kaplinsky (Lyrics not available)

Vorderman sums don't add up

Brown leaves in Autumn?

Brown: Sugar testimonial

Former Atomic Kitten
former sex kitten

Helmets at Dawn...Not her again!

A man, a plan, a canoe, Panama?

In my dreams I have a plan
If I got me a wealthy man

Karadzic wishes he went to Panama

Darwin's voyage of self-discovery

Sex in The Galapagos

Country singer called Urban

Vodka; shaken, not stirred

Lawyer hires other lawyers

Goodbye, Norma Jean

Posh Spice on steroids

God doesn't remember if He created aliens

A Problem halved is a Problem solved

The sins of the fathers

Naomi says: Police cell preferable to Terminal 5

Campbell turns anger on Mugabe
( Don't whack 'im! )

Drink less water more coffee

Occult Wedding for Simon Callow

If only Paul McCartney were Muslim


Flash Gordon defeats Ming the Merciless

Marriage Incentives too late for McCartneys

Hedge Funds invest in Privet Equity

Last night I dreamt I went to Mandalay again

Seven Years in Tibet

In the misty mountains of Afghan, Bin Laden the Grey

In the misty mountains of Rohan, Bin Laden the Black

Britney Spears Demonstrates Limited Understanding of Irony

Cloaking Device: we can vanish weapons in 45 minutes

You can't seperate Politics and Smoke Filled Rooms

Cannabis smoking made me psychotic, says cannabis expert.

Passive-aggressive smoking

Questions about cash

Free Paris Hilton


Lightning strikes twice!

Boscastle, witchcraft, need I say more?

Pagan rain dance

And school is out, oh and soon we will learn that
the lesson today is how to die

HIPS dont lie

Shakira's Official Website

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon God they made.

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know major toms a junkie

Doris joins Bert

Time Travelling Martian to visit Doctor Who

The Face of Botox

Bags for Life? Or should I have plastic surgery?

Green Housing reduces Greenhouse Effect

World leaders declare War on Tremor

28/4 Tremor strikes England

Make me look like Britney Spears

I want to have your DNA

Scully finds missing X Chromosome

Discuss duck metaphor. No really...

People like that should be locked up...?

Kylie catches surprise chill

Party Funding: Cash for Asbos

Is he 'avin a laugh?

I don't believe it!

This time next year we'll be millionaires!

Jack Straw hugs a Hoodie - Shock!

Greenhouse Effect makes natural gas worthless

Genocidal Terrorist employed by Palace

War, allowed; Protest, not allowed

Tell me why
I don�t like Monkeys

Rats leave sinking ship

Elton John - hip hop

Barry Manilow - hip op

Terror alert reduces greenhouse emissions

Mel Gibson: Hezbollah's Lethal Weapon, or middle-aged drunk?

Blogistan invades MySpace

Lost in Space Agency

Americans do Irony!

Asset stripper buys lingerie firm

Prescott - The Movie

Take me to Casino Royale in my Shaguar.

Was Jesus an England supporter?

Mmm...tastes just like chicken!

Greed is Good!?

Exploding python horror

Snakes on a Plane

Hamster on a Plane

Wizards on a Plane

Brave New World: Fetuses on a Database

Crocodile tears shed at Steve Irwin's funeral

Blair Force Ones?
That's a Jonathan Ross each!

Forces Merge

The Police shoot up The Chemical Brothers

Kaiser's Chiefs assassinate Franz Ferdinand

I predict a Great War

T in the Park

Dolls won't be dolls

Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four?

I wouldn't like to be in Heather Mills' shoe.

Soup followed by mutton

The Final Frontier...Not Again Already?

Fruitless Search

Transport Policy

Pink Floyd troubled by Wall.

Arctic Monkeys
Buy one, get one freeze.

Friend or Foe?

The Third Way

The Monty Python Prophecy

Wife of Brian?

True Lies, Politics, and back for True Lies 2

Toyotal Recall

Morph joins Chapman Brothers' Hell

Nation at standstill, Stockmarket booms

Petrol bombs most expensive ever
terrorists have money to burn

No sleep 'til - Brooklyn

What's the point of tragedy?

He's just a poor boy from a poor family,
Spare him his life from this monstrosity

Queen concert tribute

Pulling your Leg

Loyalists sometimes lose

Postal votes: will election be decided by hanging chavs?

The Comedy of Terrors

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Falling standards -
Head teachers are oxymoronic.

Mass Destruction found in Iran

Broken rules led to broken rails.

Child Support Agency is told to act its age.

U2's latest single Vertigo is self-referential, but no-one knows what it is self-referential with.

Oops! ...I Did It Again
Britney weds for second time.

Britney's Official Website

Michael Grade returns to the BBC, and so does Doctor Who

Martha Stewart

More Bjork

Before it's too late!

Keane , because a singer called Beckham sounds ridiculous

You can't have your fake and Ed-it.

Who killed Cock Robin?

Massacre at Whitehouse!

The Truth is Out!
Bin Laden found in Mexican cave.
He had correct visa, say Mexicans.

Windows Media Slayer

New Xbox here!

War on Terror:
SOCA search frantically for 'Melanoma' timebomb.

One of his kind

Bumper Crops

The Irony of 9/11

The God of War

Mysterious white powder appears in Capital

Teenage DVT Shock

BAA to introduce standing charge for wheelchairs...

Ugly duckling asks cosmetic surgeon for reduction in bill, but is offered breast enhancement instead

Hello, I'm Irene - The irony maiden.

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